The Lodge of Stability – History.

There was a dream and later realisation of seventeen ardent masons (some without a Masonic home) whose perseverance and efforts to the Lodge of Stability, No 8667. pastmasters

This event was the culmination of much hard work, seventeen meetings and two rehearsals and correspondence between the Brethren and Provincial Grand Lodge. Fortunately the minutes of these meetings are still available

On Wednesday.12th March 1975, all petitioners and first joining members attended St.Peter’s Lodge 7334, to see the petition presented for approval of its members and signed by the Master and Wardens of St Peter’s Lodge as the sponsoring Lodge. The completed document was delivered to the Provincial Grand Secretary on 24th March 1975.

Due to the hard work, effort and brotherhood of the prospective members the lodge of Stability was consecrated by the Right Worshipful Brother Sir Stanley J. Harley, D.L., and Provincial Grand Master for Warwickshire at the Warwickshire Masonic Temple, Claredon Road, Birmingham, on Monday, 5th January 1976.

LoSHeaderToday, we are members of a ready made lodge and to those brethren we must be ever grateful for the resulting brotherhood and fellowship we share.

On our part, we ought to make each meeting an opportunity to re-affirm our Masonic priciples.We have shared many memorable ceremonies, numerous generous actions and happy occasions at our “after-proceedings “. Each successive year has played its part in contributing to the well-being of the lodge, bringing us to this moment.

It is now with confidence, from our firm standpoint; we can consider the further development and growth of our lodge for the future generations of brethren.

Our Ladies also take an active part and give the Lodge magnificent support including making a very good contribution to raising Charity money. Needless to say our primary objective always is to make our best possible contribution, not only to our Lodge needs, But also to Provincial, Grand Lodge and personal Charities.

The deaths of Past Masters are recorded on each summons and the deaths of brethren recorded in the minutes of regular meeting. All those Brethren known and unknown to the present members served and played their part in the development of this lodge. It is with grateful and thankful hearts we acknowledge their great contribution: