W.Bro Henry Walker Holmes (Harry)

W.Bro Henry Walker Holmes (Harry)

On Tuesday the 8th June 2011, 12 Warwickshire brethren travelled to Durham, to the Lodge of Perseverance 1643, Aln Street, Hebburn, to witness and celebrate the presentation of a 60 year certificate to a Warwickshire Mason, W Bro Henry Walker Holmes, P A G D C, Past Prov S G W.

The Lodge was opened by the Worshipful Master Frank Charlton with 104 brethren in attendance to support W Bro Harry, including Rt W Bro Jim Jack, the Provincial Grand Master of Westmorland, Middleward, Scotland, with his Provincial Secretary, W Bro Willie Graig.

Harry-Holmes-RW-PGMThe Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies of Durham entered and informed the Brethren that RW Bro Norman Eric Heavside, the Provincial Grand Master of Durham, RW Bro David Francis Macey, The Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire, W Bro Charles Marshall, Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Durham (who know resides in Warwickshire and had presented W Bro Harry with his 50 year certificate in Durham) and an Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Durham, accompanied by a deputation of12 Acting Provincial Officers of Durham, were all outside the door of the lodge room and invited all acting officer to form a column to escort the distinguished brethren into the room.
The presentation was then announced, followed by a brief explanation from the Provincial Grand Master of Durham regarding the 60 year certificate and afterwards invited Rt W Bro David Macey to continue with the presentation.

In his own impeccable way, and sitting opposite W Bro Harry in the middle of the lodge room, putting the W Bro at ease, the Rt Worshipful Provincial Grand Master David discussed with W Bro his early years, his education and career working in Durham, his move to the West Midlands with his wife Rita and continuation of his working and Masonic progression to the present day.

60-year-certificateAfter such an interesting exchange of information between the two brethren the presentation was completed and all the brethren retired to the festive board, controlled by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

W Bro Harry kindly supplied the Port for everyone after the meal to accompany the stilton.

A number of toasts followed and was finally completed with a toast to W Bro Henry Walker Holmes presented by W Bro Stephen Townsend (The Lodge of Stability 8667 Warwickshire).

The evening was completed in typical style with harmony under the supervision by a member of Perseverance l643.

An unforgettable and memorable night was enjoyed by everyone.